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Corporate Overview

iAdapt is a business solutions company dedicated to providing the kind of software and technical expertise that assists your business to embrace technology to gain a competitive edge. iAdapt is a reseller of the iAdapt Enterprise Software that is made up of a number of integrated business modules that assist companies in their back office administrations. This is complimented by a set of rapid application development tools called the iAdapt Business Development Framework or BDF. The BDF Tools allows a company to develop or enhance the base software for the front office and ensuring the standards are maintained and full integration is achieved to the core Financial software.

iAdapt was born out of the merger of Unique Executive Solutions (Pty ) Ltd and Case Evaluation in March 1998. UES was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group (ultimately owned by Altron Ltd) and held the exclusive distribution agreements for Data Pacific Business Software. CASE Evaluation was a dedicated software development and support company that billed man-hours monthly. UES was acquired as a management buyout effective 1 November 1997.The merger of a marketing and sales focused company with a skills and services based company has resulted in a highly focused and specialized business solutions company.

iAdapt as a company has invested in and maintained a strong IT staff compliment comparable with the best in the world with particular emphasis on business analytical and software development area. A number of vertical applications have been developed to seamlessly integrate into the core financials systems.

iAdapt has currently invested in the thin client technology and refined it to be incorporated into the base business applications.

Due to the extremely volatile nature of the IT industry and in particular the availability of quality staff, where the situations arise, a number of partnership agreements have been entered into. This is particularly evident with our African partners based in Kenya, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Mauritius. As partners are mainly implementation partners, most of the high level development still takes place in SA.

Further strategic alignment will take place with certain other vendors to assist iAdapt with providing a comprehensive solution.

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