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The Ultimate in Cross-Platform Applications Development & Deployment

A simple and abstract business development environment frees developers from client, database and operating systems dependencies

Four J's Genero is a revolutionary, object-based Unified Development Environment for the rapid development of client, database, and server-independent applications destined for high-performance, data-driven environments. By combining an XML-based Abstract Presentation Layer, an advanced, business and database-oriented programming language and a robust deployment architecture, Genero enables developers to focus on business logic rather than deployment choices such as database, operating systems and user interfaces. Genero provides rapid, predictable, GUI- and platform-independent development of business applications for desktops, handhelds, and the Web and its timely support for new technologies such as Web services ensures that applications are insulated from future technology change.

Genero was designed from the ground up for building high performance applications, without the need for developers to be pioneers in Computer Science. Genero achieves this thought its application workhorse, the Dynamic Virtual Machine, or DVM. The DVM does the heavy lifting of optimizing an application's architecture and deployment infrastructure. It is a highly efficient application server, which automatically manages and optimizes communications between client and server, without developer effort. No longer does the developer have to spend time reachitecting the application for more performance, because the DVM has already optimized it.

  • GUI Independent Business Logic

  • An XML-based Abstract Presentation Layer ensure that user interface development is completely separated from deployment. A single source code stream can be written to support simultaneously HTML, Java, Windows, X.11, WML, Macintosh OS X and ASCII interface.

  • Database Independent Business Logic

  • Using native drives, an Open Database Interface provides support for simultaneous access to multiple databases including IBM DB2, Informix, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, etc for blindingly-fast concurrent throughput.

  • OS Independent Business Logic

  • Write once, deploy anywhere. One production release supports all major versions of Unix, Linux, Windows, NT/2000/XP and Mac OS x.

  • Integrated Web Services

  • Web services complexity is hidden from the developer and is seamlessly integrated into th business logic.

  • Rapid Development, Scalable & Secure Performance

  • Rapid, Predictable development and deployment of high performance, mission critical, internet-enabled applications across a variety of server, database and end user platforms.

    Secure, thin client, 2 to n-tier architecture automatically manages and optimizes communications between client and server, reducing network traffic and optimizing performance without developer effort.

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