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iAdapt payroll is an exception based payroll system. It only requires you to edit those employees who do not work according to a standard work pattern. You set up the default values for the number of hours worked. You only have to edit those employees who have deviated from the standard. This drastically cuts down on the time needed to process a large pay run. Standard earnings and deductions are maintained in the system. Only one off earnings and deductions need to be edited at pay time.

The payroll makes life easy for you by being code driven. These codes are set up initially from your existing Payroll system or from a zero base. When adding or editing an employee or payslip, all you have to do is select the relevant code from the drop down list.

All historical information is retained in the system. Payslips, Tax totals, career changes etc. These can be viewed and reprinted on request.

An individual payslip may be produced at any time during a pay period. This means that if an employee leaves your employ during a pay period you can produce the payslip and pay him or her on demand.

Pay Periods
Pay periods are pre defined for each and every pay date, for each run type, during the year. These pay dates can be altered as long as the pay period has been closed. This ensures that no payslip can be done on the incorrect date.

Pay Run Types
The system caters for 5 Pay Run Types. These are weekly, fortnightly and monthly wage staff, monthly salaried staff as well as non-payroll staff for example executives. When you start entering transactions, for specific pay run type, the system will automatically select the first unprocessed pay date.

Employee Details
The employee details table holds all of the employee¹s information. This keeps track of the employee¹s name, address, phone numbers, age, engagement date, identity number, bank details, income tax details and manager details.

Career History
iAdapt Payroll tracks an employee¹s entire career history from start of employment to termination. This table records standard hours worked, employee¹s job, department, grade, full or part time employee, leave category, payroll type and cost to company monthly and on an annual basis. Each time a pay increase, transfer etc is effected, a new record is added.

iAdapt payroll caters for a number of standard calculations. These include PAYE and SITE, UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund/Social Security), WCA (Workmen¹s Compensation Act), SLT (Skills Levy Tax) and RSC (Regional Service Council).

An unlimited number of user defined transactions can also be set up for basic pay, annual bonus, production bonus, commission, overtime, benefits such as pension, medical aid and use of company vehicles, additional income such as car allowance and cell phone, standard deductions and miscellaneous income and deductions. Staff Loans and Garnishee orders are also tracked in the system.

Leave Categories
We have included unlimited leave categories in iAdapt Payroll. This ensures that leave entitlements can be calculated correctly for each and every employee. These include the standard annual entitlement, additional entitlement for long service and anniversary entitlements. Sick leave entitlements are calculated separately, these include cycle lengths and limitations. We also record family responsibility (personal leave), maternity and paternity entitlements.

Job Details
Each Job is defined in iAdapt Payroll. Keeping track of the standards for the particular job. Job title, annual bonus, full or part time, overtime, WCA, commission, leave category and Employment Equity profiles.

Department Allocations
We have included a department allocation system within iAdapt Payroll. This makes it possible to extract a job costing report of your labour costs. It is possible to split and employee¹s earnings over more than one department for a specific time period. This makes it a lot easier to track labour costs on various projects.

Period Close
A period may only be closed once all processes for the pay run have been completed. A full listing of procedures to follow for a complete pay run is given later in this manual. Once a period has been closed, no information for this period can be altered. Pay slips cannot be reversed. All reports are however still available as they are date driven.

A large variety of standard reports have been provided in the system, such as payslips, coinage analysis, bank reports, edit lists, Employment Equity reports etc. External report writers can be used for any additional reports that you may require. Integration to other systems

iAdapt Payroll is integrated to the Personnel, Recruitment and Training modules. It is also integrated to the iAdapt Financials. Due to the fact the Payroll has been written using the BDF Tools it is easy to import and export data to outside modules. Windows based products can link into the payroll, using an ODBC driver.

Multiple Currencies
The software caters for one or many currencies. The exchange rate is date driven for easy use. The rates can be updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All conversions to the home currency are facilitated.

As payroll is such a sensitive issue, full security has been provided. Program security, option security and field security is essential. Certain screens have been written in such a way that even if a user has access to the screen, the sensitive information such as pay details, are not seen on entry. All security is user defined.

Package features:
  • All modules are written in 4GL.
  • All modules have been developed with the iAdapt BDF Tools allowing for rapid development, changes and/or modifications.
  • iAdapt People Management is deployed on an open database platform.
  • Numerous front ends available:
    • Character interface (Wyse, ANSI, VT, Xterm, etc.)
    • Java Front-End (X-Windows or MS-Windows)
    • Both character and graphical front ends can be utilized simultaneously front the same code set
    • Available on most flavors of UNIX including Linux
  • True 3-tier architechure (thin client NC ready).
  • Source code available.

Reporting tools for all modules
A base set of reports are included in the system. Most other 3rd party report writers, such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Access can be used to extend the reporting functionality.

International Standards for all modules
The iAdapt Software has matured over the last 20 years and is based on international Standards. The CASE Tools allow for any further enhancements such as an integrated Customer Management System or Call Centre Management System to be rapidly developed, thereby extending the functionality and the life cycle of the iAdapt applications.

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