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Bookings Manager and Rentals

The booking module is the main module in iAdapt FMS. To be and stay in business, a fleet must be utilised more than 80%. Vehicles not used or under utilised, have to be sold. The Fleet manager should therefor end up with a fleet utilisation percentage of around 80% or higher to be effective. iAdapt FMS provides the Fleet manager with excellent features to obtain and uphold these performance levels.
  • Just in time booking facility. A booking can either be pending, taken, returned or cancelled
  • Flexible booking capabilities
  • Vehicle Rental Agreement, This serves as a contract between the two parties
  • "Vehicles Issues" Listing
  • Vehicle Allocations
  • Standard invoicing
  • An up-to-date last recorded vehicle kilometre reading of the previous booking/trip
  • Standard issuing facility. Intelligent information search capabilities
  • Financial Information -excellent reporting facility
  • "Vehicles Available" Listing
  • A penalty fee functionality
  • Standard vehicle performance
  • External company booking facility
  • "Vehicle Preparation List" to prepare vehicles booked for.the day

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