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iAdapt has undertaken a review of its operations and has set in motion a new strategic direction for the company. iAdapt has adopted a model of remaining a highly focused vendor of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and the only way to benefit from this focus is to work with qualified and skilled Partners.

This allows iAdapt to focus on bringing world class products onto the market to compete with the best in terms of functionality and architecture. Different Partners offer different Value Propositions and our programs are designed to take advantage of these skills and expertise.

At iAdapt, we understand how important it is to deliver and support integrated end-to-end solutions -- solutions that, over our history, continue to provide unparalleled value to our customers. We also recognize the vital role our partners play, not only in our customers' success, but in our success as well.

iAdapt also has the facility to identify the unique customer requirements and assist in offering the customer an Industry Qualified Affiliate for a specific industry. How does this work? Should a customer require our Fleet and Asset Management Software then we will recommend our Fleet Industry Affiliate to fast track the implementation and solution based on their vertical knowledge and expertise. iAdapt would not recommend an HR focused consultancy to undertake the implementation.

iAdapt offers partnership categories for every strategic business area and customer need, including content, education, hosting, iAdapt ASP, services, software, support, and technology -- as well as initiatives for individual iAdapt products. So no matter what your area of expertise, you can have an opportunity to grow your business by aligning with iAdapt.

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