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How to become a Partner

To qualify for a Partnership Status there is a number of processís that need to be undertaken. Plus, as an iAdapt partner, you can participate at varying levels of commitment, from far-reaching global alliances to local, industry-specific collaboration. And at every level, you can rely on iAdapt for intensive back-office support in the form of marketing, sales, technical services, training, and certification opportunities.

iAdapt has developed two specific Partner Programs for our Partners and they are:
  • Prestige Partner Program
    This partner is awarded Prestige status upon the certification of its business analysts in the iAdapt BDF Tools and Applications methodology. These partners are entitled to resell, implement and do custom development for a customer. The Prestige Partner program is coupled to an agreement and is renewed on an annual basis. The Prestige Partner also has to maintain a number of suitably trained Sales Executives that are able to demonstrate the software and the underlying technology and architecture without any iAdapt assistance. A Prestige partner is also an authorised Support Centre where a structure is setup to offer first line line customer support. A Prestige Partner is also authorised to appoint Classic Partners within their territory.

  • Classic Partner Program
    This partner is awarded Classic status upon certification of its Sales Executives in the presentation of the software. A Classic Partner merely acts as a reseller but they do not add any value to sale or implementation. A rebate or commission structure is in place to reward these partners for continued sales that is successfully concluded. Classic Partners are not authorised to offer Support nor is a Classic Partner authorised to reappoint additional partners in their territory.

  • General
    Both of the above partners benefit from a Partner Incentive Program which offers a number of incentives to the partners based on their annual performance. The final awarding of these incentives is not automatically awarded to the Prestige partner as the the factors involved are not only based on pure revenues. There are a number of other factors that are brought into the equation for a balanced view for incentives.

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