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Order Entry

Customer service levels that were acceptable five years ago are not acceptable today. Customers want products delivered where and when they need them and packaged the way they want.

Nowhere are customers' expectations higher than in the order management area. Consequently, your order management system should be a strategic tool for providing better customer service. Better customer service makes you more competitive.

The key to iAdapt software is flexibility. It is in the order processing area where you need to have the most flexibility. You can adapt to meet the special needs of your customers, key suppliers, and products.

Order Entry lets you redefine order and line types, providing true processing flexibility. Our parameter-driven design allows you to determine how a particular order functions within the system. From order acknowledgement to picking lists to journal posting, Order Entry establishes an effective channel of communication providing you with the data that is critical to your business. Orders are tracked by stage and by status for each line item.

Order Entry's relational database ensures that order processing and invoicing are performed quickly and accurately. Through the use of alias coding, you can merge customer inventory code with your own inventory codes, producing seamless processing; their part number becomes your part number.

Order Entry allows you to define unique pricing schemes for individual items or entire categories of items. Pricing matrices can be time sensitive and customer specific. In addition, discount structure and matrices are user-definable.

All vital information is validated the instant it is entered. The document cannot be stored until the error is corrected.

Key Features Include:
  • Shorten order cycle time: Time is often more critical to the customer than cost and other customer-satisfaction issues. If two sources offer the same product for nearly the same price, the one that offers the fastest delivery time gets the order. In more and more situations, customers give orders to the higher-priced vendor if that vendor can provide an earlier delivery.
  • Increase order fill rates: Whenever a product is not in stock you risk losing the sale of the backordered item, or sale of the entire order. The need to have a high order fill rate, however, must be balanced against higher inventory costs.
  • Provide complete and accurate order information: How easily can you answer a customer's question about the status of an order or shipment? How often must you refer to paper records before responding to the customer? Competitive customer service means answering questions quickly and accurately.
  • Meet the special needs of your best customers: Do you derive a large share of your sales from a small group of customers? What do you do to retain these larger and more profitable customers? Special customers require a higher level of service, which usually means higher order fill rates, special order handling, faster deliveries, and special pricing. Your order processing system must be able to treat special customers differently.
  • Online, any-time ordering using the 4js interfaces via the web.
  • Online, any-time order tracking using the 4js interfaces via the web for improved customer service.
  • Order stages can be user defined into an order flow for each order line type.
  • Continuous order replacement facility.
  • Flexible pricing and discount structures
  • Customer credit checking and release

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