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The primary concept of the Training Module is the effective administration and management of the processes involved in the Training department of any organisation. The Module has full referential integrity by interrogating the Personnel and Recruitment database tables in order to manage the training courses for training candidates.

The system will allow you to develop training strategies and amend these where required in a dynamic company. There is full access to the relevant employee's current qualifications and training records and this, coupled with competency profile, will allow for future succession planning with regards to Training Requirements.

In view of the new employment Equity and Training bills, the system will allow for some detailed analysis of who requires training in order to satisfy and comply with the Acts.

Some of the feature highlights are:
    A tool that allows for the tracking of external delegates attending your company's training courses.
    A full on-line booking system confirming candidates and delegates booked on a particular course. (This can be integrated to include on-line web booking for Training).
    Course brochures can be attached (including via email) to all candidates attending a specific course.
    Candidates that are lacking in certain skills can be profiled from the database to attend the relevant course that will enhance their competency.
    A facility that will allow for full interdepartmental billing of all associated costs for the training - this can be extended to produce full invoices for external delegates on course.
    A number of reports and analysis tools available to interrogate the database. A facility that allows for full logistical and resource planning for all courses such as venue, projectors, trainers etc

Package features
  • All modules are written in 4GL.
  • All modules have been developed with the iAdapt BDF Tools allowing for rapid development, changes and/or modifications.
  • iAdapt People Management  is deployed on an open database platform.
  • Numerous front ends available:
    • Character interface (Wyse, ANSI, VT, Xterm, etc.)
    • Java Front-End (X-Windows or MS-Windows)
    • Both character and graphical front ends can be utilized simultaneously front the same code set
    • Available on most flavors of UNIX including Linux
  • True 3-tier architechure (thin client NC ready).
  • Source code available.

Reporting tools for all modules
A base set of reports are included in the system. Most other 3rd party report writers, such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Access can be used to extend the reporting functionality.

International Standards for all modules
iAdapt Software has matured over the last 20 years and is based on international Standards. The CASE Tools allow for any further enhancements such as an integrated Customer Management System or Call Centre Management System to be rapidly developed, thereby extending the functionality and the life cycle of the iAdapt applications.

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