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You need a purchasing system that helps you to process purchase orders faster and with less paperwork. You need to keep your inventory levels as low as possible by automating the purchasing process and reducing the buying cycle time. You also need to keep your inventory costs as low as possible by taking advantage of vendor price breaks.

Purchasing reduces bottlenecks in your purchasing operation. It automates much of the purchasing process, enabling you to take advantage of quantity discounts while ensuring that disbursements are made only for those items ordered and received.

Utilising the latest in software technology such as the Business Development Framework (BDF), iAdapt Purchasing provides "maintainability", ease-of-use, and efficient access to your purchasing database. Maintenance and customisation are made possible, even easy, with iAdapt BDF Tools.

As items are received, they are automatically updated into business I/C and O/E, providing an accurate inventory status and updating backordered items. A Separate A/P Invoicing option is based on either purchase order or receipt, which eases approval and posting of payables.

Your database is updated with every transaction for complete and accurate information at all times. Purchasing is integrated with other iAdapt applications so that information is shared and so that your purchasing operations flow smoothly with the other parts of your organization.

Key Features Include:
  • Reduced paperwork and manual intervention
  • Use of Electronic Data Interchange
  • Creation of backorders
  • Kitting
  • Faster Purchase Order authorisation
  • Integration to other Enterprise Modules
  • Improved vendor relations and communications
  • Purchase Order Copying
  • Multiple discount layers
  • Multiple pricing layers
  • Invoice matching to approved Purchase Orders
  • Receiving automatically updating requisitions
  • Cost catalogues available by vendor
  • Extensive Purchase Order Reporting
  • Purchase Order auditing

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