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Accounts Received

Designed to improve cash flow by providing better access to information, iAdapt Accounts Receivable provides increased productivity and collections, while maintaining an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Accounts Receivable further solidifies your activity review with full detail reporting. With A/R you have on-line access to invoice numbers, dates, and other details needed to respond to customers' questions and objections.

Your receivables can be a productive asset and can increase your organization's profits. You need profitable credit sales, a strong cash flow, and strong management of customer risk and profitability. iAdapt Accounts Receivable helps you to meet these goals.

Key Features include:
  • Multiple shipping addresses for each customer
  • Balance forward or open item statements for each customer
  • Multi-level tax options (value-added, GST-PST) in data entry screens and reports
  • Assignable defaults (per customer) including:
    • Sales commission code
    • Discount code
    • Account numbers for ledger, revenue, multilevel tax, freight, miscellaneous
    • Terms code, salesperson code, and more
  • User-definable on-line Help
  • Optional summary or detail reports
  • On-line access to detail line information via "Zoom" command
  • User-defined "account groups"
  • Scrolling invoice detail lines
  • Recurring invoices
  • Automatic input validation
  • Customer ledger(s) and ageing
  • A/R Journal
  • Ageing report by invoice or due date
  • 9 digit account codes
  • 6 character tax codes
  • Grouping tax codes
  • Cumulative tax applications
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Import from External billing systems
  • Direct invoice input and reversals
  • Finance charge invoicing
  • Payment transfers
  • Cash receipt and payment allocation
  • Prepayments
  • Automatic write-offs
  • Online payment and invoice enquiry
  • Customer statements
  • Customer credit control and review

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