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Contract Management

iAdapt CRM Contract Management allows your business to keep track of all contracts entered into with your customers, keeping a strict version control over them at any one time. Version numbering from previous systems or manual systems can be easily setup in the Contract Management system, thus ensuring continuity.

Keep control over expiring contract that will need renewal with the extensive reporting features.

Service Centre Management: Service Centre Management consists of Divisions, Teams and Staff members. Once these setups, together with the service levels, severity and escalation levels, timeframes, categories, holiday and service ratings have been done, the service centre is ready for use. All the setups are once-off but are dynamic enough to continually grow with your business.

All incoming calls are allocated unique numbers which are passed through to the customer. All changes made to the call is kept in history for later interrogation. Various exception reports are available for controlling the service levels provided.

Service Level Agreements can be linked into the escalation levels and monitored monthly, weekly, daily or hourly, and automatically updated accordingly.

Control Defaults include default divisions, teams, staff members, call types, status's, severities, weekend allocation, auto escalation and email etc.

If emailing is available, during the various stages of the calls logged, relevant staff members can be mailed information regarding calls, or mailed any new calls allocated to them, as well as calls that have been escalated. Clients can also be emailed the call status if necessary.

A service rating section is included in order to review the levels of service provided by your company. These can be utilised to improve your own internal performances. By making use of the service level rating system, problem areas can be identified immediately and improved.

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