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General Ledger

iAdapt General Ledger is more than just a general ledger system. Use it to enter critical divisional or departmental information as well as financial information from all of your reporting entities. Then, consolidate and present the information using the strong reporting and analysis structures, to provide a powerful Decision Support System.

iAdapt software's speed and flexibility are balanced with input and processing controls. The General Ledger offers user-defined defaults, accounting periods, account number ranges, and on-line entry validations. These controls ensure early and consistent error detection, giving you the confidence in, and access to, the information you need to make the right decisions.

The integrity of the General Ledger is further supported by a strong audit trail. Transactions can be reviewed from the source journal, and for current or prior periods.

The General Ledger provides you with on-line access to account balances, account activity, budgets, and reference tables. A full complement of monthly journals and conventional financial statements can be produced with confidence.

All iAdapt applications are fully integrated with the General Ledger. Each ledger entry from any of the applications is validated when entered, ensuring better accuracy of your financial data. Posting controls and validations are controlled from one location, making the maintenance of the ledger simpler. General Ledger security is shared by all applications.

Key Features include:
  • Unlimited number of accounting periods
  • User-defined accounting periods
  • Once off, recurring, and reversing journal entries
  • Past, present and future period posting
  • Multiple open periods
  • One-step period and year end closing
  • On-line budget data entry
  • Budget by division and by company
  • On-line inquiry for:
  • Account analysis
  • Account balances
  • Account activity
  • Trial balances
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Budgets and comparative reporting
  • Account activity reports
  • Multi-period reports
  • Multi-year reports
  • Unlimited history
  • On-line running totals

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