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The better the quality of information you have about each item in your inventory, the better you can manage your inventory. Enterprise Inventory Control/Ware-housing tracks an extensive amount of information about each item that you stock, and ensures that this information is kept current and accurate.

Because all of our applications are integrated, the wealth of information about your inventory is shared with the other Enterprise modules to assist you in your daily operations and in executive decision-making and sales analysis.

Key Features Include:
  • Unlimited number of inventory items available.
  • Unlimited number of transaction documents.
  • Unlimited online transaction histories.
  • Up to 100 warehouses per item available.
  • Inventory information includes item costing, history of product movement, stock and backorder.
    levels, aliases, lot and serial controls and storage characteristics.
  • Reduce spoilage and stock loss by determining how each item must be stored in each warehouse.
  • Multiple warehouse capabilities.
  • Allows for different purchasing and selling prices for each warehouse.
  • Allows for discount prices or each warehouse and item.
  • Allows for various levels of discounts for volume sales and purchases.
  • Multiple costing options including LIFO and FIFO.
  • Multiple commission codes for each item in each warehouse.
  • Obsolete and superseded items.
  • Allows for stock and non-stock item classification.
  • Associates and inventory item with its own unique ledger accounts for inventory, cost of goods, and sales.
  • Over/Short reports based on cycle counts.
  • Stock status, Price/Costs list, re-ordering, Purchase/Sale history, summary and detail inventory reporting available.
  • Inventory receipt planning.
  • Picking and shipping control.

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