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Contact Management

iAdapt CRM Contact Management provides a holistic view of the contact or company from a single point of entry. Arrange contacts into groups according to your type of business eg: by region, by industry section or by financial qualification. Link contacts to existing companies on your system and give your staff a high level view of company information.

View customer transaction information extracted from the receivable or payable ledgers. Store seemingly unnecessary information about your contacts, from his spouse's name to the car he drives. Then the day will come around that you need to know what his hobbies or interest are, and it will be a simple enough task to access these 'seemingly unnecessary' details. Small things, like booking visitors parking in your office block, without having to ask him the registration, will make everyone's lives a lot simpler.

Updates are done at one point and are instantaneous, making information current at any point in time.Use this information to empower your sales and marketing team. By having all his information on hand you can impress your contact with your service levels, be it a simple birthday card or anniversary card, or an invitation to your company golf day. Make your contacts and clients feel that they are valued by your business.

With each contact allocated an owner, the level of service given increases, and his frustration decreases by him knowing exactly who he can speak to in your company if he has any queries.

Keep track of all interaction with contacts using the Contact Management system. Make special notes about the customer, note all calls made or received, events and functions attended by him, or appointments. Even in the absence of any particular staff member, someone else can come in and pick up exactly where things were left off, and service the contact or company at the highest possible level.

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