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Accounts Payable

You face several challenges today in searching for ways to reduce costs and better manage cash. You need to know the best time to pay an invoice, given vendor terms and your current cash position.

iAdapt Accounts Payable provides easy access to the information you need to plan, control, and manage your cash flow. Defaulting capabilities allow you to streamline data-entry procedures while still maintaining strict controls over payment priorities, limits, and schedules. Invoices can be matched to purchase orders and inventory receipts for better control.

The technology and relational databases provide you with the ability to process large volumes of transactions quickly and accurately. Effective controls assure timely and accurate data entry and superior error detection.

iAdapt software's use of global default settings, coupled with account-specific defaults within individual vendor records - covering such things as term codes, tax codes, discounts, and general ledger accounts, ensures that most errors are identified immediately. This commitment to accuracy is further demonstrated through automatic entry validation and mandatory edit and input review modes. For example, if an undefined date is entered, the user is alerted immediately and cannot continue until a valid date has been input.

From individual transactions to batch runs, iAdapt's extensive report capabilities provide a strong audit trail. The system also maintains unique numerical sequences for all invoice and cash disbursements.

Key Features include:
  • User-defined ledger accounts on per vendor basis
  • User-defined tax codes for each vendor
  • Multilevel tax options in most data entry screens and reports
  • Automatic 1099 creation and printing
  • Multiple "pay to" addresses for each vendor
  • Vendor "on hold" ability
  • Summary or detail report options
  • Vendor label printing
  • Recurring invoice support
  • User-defined "account groups"
  • Automatic input validation
  • On-line access to vendor activity and history
  • Automatic invoice selection for payment
  • Automatic discounting on invoice
  • Automatic or manual cheque processing
  • Partial payment processing
  • Multiple checking account support
  • Checking account reconciliation
  • Reports by date range
  • Cash requirements report
  • A/P journal report
  • Custom reports from relational database
  • Supports 9 digit account codes
  • Supports 6 character tax codes
  • Reduced data-entry keystrokes and improved accuracy
  • Better control of invoices and payments
  • Improved cash management
  • Automatic Expense Distributions
  • Single point of entry for invoicing
  • Online invoice status
  • Invoice Matching
  • Contracted rates of exchange
  • Realized / unrealized gains or losses
  • Multicurrency reporting
  • Prepayments, recurring payments and payment scheduling
  • Invoice holds and full invoice reversals
  • Debit and credit adjustments
  • Cheque stock management
  • Automatic inter-company entries
  • Fixed asset integration

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