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The Innovation Group Case Study

The Challenge

The Innovation Group faced an enormous amount of time that was expended using manual processes, such as Leave inputs, salary modelling and performance reviews. The Payroll was outsourced and was a stand-alone solution. Leave was particularly a problem as the previous solution did not manage leave but simply recorded the last result. The rest was paper based.

The Solution

iAdapt demonstrated its fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which included Personnel, Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Performance Management. In addition to these base “Modifiable – By- Design” (MBD) modules, Innovation Group also wanted to move into a fully electronic leave management solution which is provided by the iAdapt Employee and Manager Self Service modules, Out of Office, e-Recruitment, e-Vacancies and Web based Performance Review modules were also made available on the Self Service. The additional benefit of the Self Service is the Employees access to their Payslips online for “anytime” reprinting. Performance Reviews are now also done electronically.


·A tedious manual leave process

·Inadequate reporting

·No communication between internal systems

·Payroll driven by spreadsheets


·IAdapt Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Software. HR Modules

·Full Employee and Manager Self Service


·Improved reporting

·An empowered workforce

·Resource & Time savings

·Unlimited online data without the need to purge or archive

The Innovation Group Experience

How has the solution changed the way you do business and also your business processes?

The solution has dramatically changed the way that employees view HR in the sense that we now add more value to the business rather than being viewed as a cost centre. Employees can process their leave online and immediately checks to see what leave balances are held in the corporate database. This in turn alleviates the pressure on the HR staff that can now focus on more HR related processes rather than manual paper based interventions.

What was the period of implementation?

The entire solution took about a full year to implement which included the initial project of converting the old Payroll data into the new iAdapt Payroll. Once this was finally signed off, then the next modules were tackled systematically. Once all the base modules were completed, the self service modules were tackled. There was a fair amount of integration required as the CEO insisted that the Self Service had to be integrated into the corporate Intranet based expense approval system called Pennywise. This took a bit of time as the corporate and executive structures in Pennywise are different to the base Payroll structures and yet the two had to be kept in sync for reporting back to the UK Head office.

What are the benefits you are experiencing as a result of the solution?

There are many benefits that have come out of the rollout of the base systems, but the primary benefit is the empowerment of the employee to have access to, and analysis of, their own data held on the database. It is quite enlightening that an employee is able to log on and reprint a payslip or IRP5 going back to the day they started. All their career history, leave and personal records are available online. Another major benefit has been the workflow process of managing leave. The iAdapt system being fully integrated, manages the leave cycle from the Application to Approval process. This has alleviated an enormous amount of pressure on the HR team that was constantly buried in paperwork trying to give employees leave balances and info. Further, to this at no point did any of our previous silo systems give us an accurate reflection of the state of leave in the company as a whole.

Please comment on the service received from iAdapt.

The initial start of the project was to roll out the Payroll - as the heart of any organisation is being able to pay its staff on time and correctly with all the statutory requirements being met. Once the Payroll was finally bedded down due to the complex nature of the Innovation Group structure, the rest of the modules were rolled out accordingly. The iAdapt team gave us the best service possible and their customer service ethos was of the highest order. They provided all training for all the modules primarily on site but there were also instances where the Training took place at iAdapt premises.

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