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Genero Enterprise version 3.00 is here!

Irving, Texas – December 17, 2015 — Four Js Development Tools announced the release of Genero version 3.00 today and with it reorganized the brand around 3 lead products: Genero Enterprise, Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer. For the rapid development of server-centric, cross-platform, transaction-oriented business applications that run on Desktops, Webtops and mobile devices on-site or in the Cloud. Genero Enterprise includes Genero Business Development Language V3.00, Genero Studio V3.00, Genero Mobile V1.20 and Genero Report Writer V3.00 for use with the Genero Business Development Language.

New features in this release:
  • Genero Studio
  • Genero Web Client
  • Genero Ghost Client
  • Dynamic User Interfaces

Genero Mobile V1.20

Available now in Genero Enterprise V3.00
Available January 29, 2015 standalone

For the rapid development of native, cross-platform mobile applications that run off-line or on-line with enterprise servers via XML, RESTful and JSON Web services.
  • Push notifications
  • RunOnServer
  • Debug on device

Genero Report Writer

Available now in Genero Enterprise V3.00 for BDL
Available June 30, 2015 standalone for Java, C#, PHP

For the rapid design and production of complex, high-volume, multi-sourced business content that streams output in a matter of seconds to printers, browsers, desktops and mobile devices. Genero Report Writer for Java, C# and PHP is a standalone product that embeds reports directly into applications for seamless user interfaces and controlled workflow within core business applications.

New features in this release:
  • Browser based viewer
  • Template creation and management


Genero V2.X development licence customers with valid maintenance may upgrade to Genero Enterprise V3.00 development licences free of charge. This licence also includes a free development licence for Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer while maintenance is valid. Should the Genero Enterprise maintenance lapse, Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer may no longer be used. Separate development licences must be purchased for Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer in that case. Development licences do not include runtime licences, which must be purchased separately.

Contact for more details and pricing

Christmas & New Year wishes and Closure

Kindly note that we will be closing for the festive season on the 18th of December and will be back on Monday the 11th of January. Should you need any urgent Support or Services undertaken please contact us on 011 079 4251, you can also e-mail us at .

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may 2016 hold great things to come!

IBM hands over reins back to 4js

Irving, Texas – June 23, 2015 — IBM Informix Genero, an application development environment that helps customers create innovative database applications and modernize existing 4GL code, is a product IBM used to offer through an OEM relationship with Four Js. To better serve clients and deliver the latest Genero enhancements to them in the most timely manner, IBM is entering a new delivery phase of this product. Effective September 1, 2015, IBM will transfer the sale of Genero licenses to its OEM partner Four Js. Support for current Africa customers will be handed over to 4js certified partner iAdapt in an orderly manner but should be completed by September 30, 2016. 20 Year Four J’s Africa veteran Reseller iAdapt, will again be available to assist IBM Licensed sites with Support and Maintenance including renewals of Contracts.
Read more here

Genero Mobile & Product Update Seminar

iAdapt in association with FourJs are announcing the Genero Mobile Seminar & Genero Product Update Day 2014. We are bringing the best Genero technical sessions together in a one-day seminar and would be delighted for you to be part of it.
The event will feautore Genero 2.50, Genero Studio, Genero Mobile, Genero Cloud as well as various key speakers.

To find out more and register click here

Debswana Diamond Inventory System updated

Jwaneng based public partnership company Debswana, recently commissioned iAdapt to assist in some major functional updates to their DIIS system (Diamond Inventory Information System). This system manages and tracks the gem stones once they are sorted into the various categories and manages the process just prior to final shipment.
The project was managed both here and in Botswana by iAdapt's new Country Manager Doctor Matenge assisted by Andy Parsons - the iAdapt CFO. As Doc puts it "This was no small task as the business requirements have grown within Debswana over a long period time and the system was not kept abreast of these requirements. Not only did we have to change the source code to cater for these new requirements we also had to undertake a whole new BPR process as this was entirely new - especially to the CAC team."
The total duration of the project was 3 months which included the change management process as well as the final audit and cutover process. Debswana are considering a total upgrade to their environment which will include the Genero middleware layer as well as the operating system and databases.

iAdapt appoints new Country Manager in Botswana

Local ERP software company iAdapt has recently appointed Doctor Matenge to head up its new business operations for Botswana. His appointment was effective 1st March 2014. Doc Matenge spent a considerable amount of his working life in Jwaneng as a Systems Analyst and Programmer at Debswana Diamond mine. Doc is hoping to grow the footprint for iAdapt and push the products and services into both Government and Private enterprises. The intention is to build on our solid reputation with Botswana for high quality products and services.
A particular focus for iAdapt is the move into providing mobile solutions as well as assisting with Consulting services for business readiness and ERP projects.
Doctor Matenge has a Bachelors of Sciences degree with majors in Information Technology and Systems.

iAdapt releases ERP V6.0

South African based ERP software development company iAdapt today formally released its new and major upgraded version of its ERP software to Version 6.0.
This product has been in Quality Assurance for some time and after a major success at one of our Blue Chip sites the product has now gone into Commercial Release. In todays age of Web 2.0, Collaboration and Integration have become vital Tools for any company wishing to streamline its Business Process's and Workflow process's into one wholistic organisation wide objectives.
While ERP is accepted as a core element to running any successful business, many companies do not fully understand or relaise the benefits of integrating their core ERP systems into CRM and other Enterprise Management systems used to drive business. iAdapt will be releasing additional product updates relating to the BDF Tools as well as some of the more technical details coming down the line. All of which has been fully tested and Q&A'd.
It is with these fundamentals that iAdapt has spent many man hours in ensuring and delivering a World Class suite of tightly integrated modules to the market. The attached broshure covers in detail a lot more of the basic functionality that encompasses the latest versions howver if there is any specific component or question that yo would like to ask which may be beneficial to your business then please do not hesitate to contact us at or alternatively

iAdapt ERP Version 6.0 Release Notes 11.pdf

iAdapt's philosophy for our software is Software for Life!

Innovation Group Case Study Released

For an in-depth analysis of the case study, please click here...

iAdapt release e-Recruitment module

South African owned software development company iAdapt has released its eagerly awaited fully integrated web based e-Recruitment module. This new module manages the process from the time a candidate's info is entered onto the system right up until a person is accepted and transferred onto the Personnel module and in turn the Payroll module - all automatically and online real time. This module compliments the other iAdapt developed and fully integrated web based component modules called iAdapt Web HR Portals which encompasses Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service and finally e-Recruitment (the rest of our ERP system such as e-Procurement is still under development).

To make matters a lot more simple, iAdapt has developed the e-Recruitment module using a modern language called Genero so that there are no intermediary databases allowing for the full integration of the Self Service module into the base corporate functional HR modules and in turn the relational database.

If a candidate goes to the company's web page there will be a description (in text form) of what positions are available within the company and then there will be a link next to the job. All the candidate has to do is then proceed through the menus and this is automatically logged and entered directly onto the Recruitment module where after the data is further managed by the module (i.e. resource management, interviews , preferred location, preferred language etc). A further benefit of this tight integration is that there are a proliferation of different formats for CV's that are usually emailed to a company. At present each CV must be manually re-entered into the Recruitment module. This eliminates the need for recapturing as the candidate does all the static information inputs real time and online.

The vacancy that is available is automatically created if an employee is terminated or resigns and completes the exit interview stage within the Personnel module (all the modules are kept in sync via the relational database). The Job itself is always there, so it now becomes a process of managing this vacancy. Jobs can be "frozen" in the Personnel module which again will automatically "freeze" the post in e-Recruitment.

This module is not a very complicated module but is very tightly integrated into the base Human Resources systems. Part of the process contained in this module is that a candidate entering data directly onto the system via e-Recruitment enters only relevant data for that job which may include his qualifications are job preference. The system then automatically filters this information to ensure the correct fit via internal algorithms. Once the candidate has accepted and verified that his data is correct then he is loaded onto the system. Due to the clever use of the Genero language, the drawback of the HTML language such as before and after field validation is eliminated due to the way the Web based applications are integrated into the primary HR systems and this allows a user to fill in fields that are required to be filled in line by line (and not reentered after going through the whole process to the end only to find they did not enter a contact number).

The primary benefit of this is that there is no duplication for data entry and a candidate can also see what other vacancies exist in the company and the press of a button on the web site. This further implies that corporate reports can be managed and obtained out of a centralized database rather that Excel spreadsheets and Access databases - resulting in a mismatch of accurate and online data. The module can also be customized to a company's exact requirements.

Web Services

A future release will ensure that once the candidate has verified and accepted his CV on the system then the system will automatically generate a web service to a service provider whereby all the candidates biological and academic background is verified including criminal and credit checking. This process will be seamless to the company which automatically eliminates the need for reference checking of standard information.
The module is available for immediate release and forms part of the iAdapt Web based HR Portals.

Please contact us at for more information.

Four J’s Genero South African User conference a great success

The Four J’s Genero User conference recently held here in South Africa, which by all accounts was a great success. The conference was held at the Airport Grand Hotel, near OR Tambo International airport and was fully assisted by the team at iAdapt. iAdapt is one of Four J’s (UK)’s primary value added resellers as well as a user of this technology in its own ERP solution.

The conference focused on a number of new initiatives coming from Four J’s but the main focus was on the new version of the language that is to be released – that being v2.20.

VP Four J’s Emea Neil O’Meara presenting his paper on Genero v2.20

The primary components of version 2.20 is the integration of the JAVA classes as well as bringing the 4GL language and JAVA closer together. As there are many companies that have major business applications developed in pure 4GL, they have not readily had an avenue to incorporate the benefits of JAVA into their environment. This new version addresses those shortcomings.
  • A stronger focus on the new Genero Database with enhanced features and functionality
  • Released in last quarter of 2008, the new Genero Web based Report Writer which has a lot of security and web based functionality built in
  • New and enhanced Web Services as part of the Genero Compiler
  • A strong focus on the Application Server as well their new
  • Application Generator and Genero Studio Development Tools
  • A new and enhanced Web Client which forms part of the Genero run time components

Conference delegates debating the Genero Report Writer

Further to this was the presentation by iAdapt of the customer success story of Debswana. The focus of this study was conversion of the unstable Unix/Informix and Serial cable based peripherals into a fully converted TCP/IP based Microsoft SQL Server and Windows environment.

Four J’s continues its 10 year history in South Africa with a renewed effort and focus on growing its market share and ensuring continuity and support for the current customer base.

Work is already beginning on the next conference for 2009.

Diamonds Are Forever – iAdapt utilizes Genero and immortalizes inventory system for world's largest diamond company

Jwaneng, Botswana - August 8, 2008 -- The Debswana Diamond Company (Pty) Ltd.

The world's largest diamond provider by value and powerhouse to Botswana's high growth economy - went live July 21 with a brand new diamond inventory management system developed in Genero by leading South African software house iAdapt.

The new system, considered mission critical due to its 'end of process' weighing and sorting prior to release to the Diamond Trading Company, Botswana, underlines Debswana’s commitment to corporate governance and superior risk analysis by replacing an old unstable system that had become a liability to the group.

 "This new application supports future platform decisions and can evolve with the organization," said Mr. Doc Matenge, Project Leader of the Debswana, Jwaneng Mine. "That means we can take advantage of new business opportunities without having to reinvest in new skills or tools.”

“It was by far the most beneficial solution," said Matenge. "We didn’t have to migrate away from our current business processes nor did we have to generate any new code.”

“What impressed us the most though was Genero's flexibility, especially when it comes to databases and the operating systems. Now we can manage our software assets across various applications and platforms without huge capital outlay. Furthermore this project was so successful, we came in under budget and with days to spare for implementation and change management" said Matenge.

Debswana's 1990s home grown Diamond Inventory Management System used Informix 4GL and Informix Online. This system, unaltered since its inception, required use of serial cable server connections – which were no longer available nor supported in the market.

Project 'DIS Stabilization' was given top priority at Debswsana and the iAdapt site evaluations of February 5 and April 7 2008 highlighted the sensitive support and hardware issues. From the date of Debswana's order to the 'Go Live' on July 21, less than one month had taken place.

“Our 7 year business partnership with Four J’s allowed us to move very quickly," said Gilbert Parsons, Managing Director of iAdapt. "Debswana had felt locked in for a very, very long time and were almost in disbelief that we could solve their problem so quickly."

In order to upgrade the current system from Informix Online Server, iAdapt provided a business benefit analysis, proving Genero as the most cost effective solution. Debswana wanted to leave the past that it had clung on to for so long and give users a fresh Web 2.0 graphical representation. Data entry speed and TCP/IP based scales were critical to the new system. The risc based IBM RS 6000 system using Informix relational databases was migrated to an Intel and Microsoft platform and envrionment. The RDBMS was also converted to MS SQL Server.

The brief included moving source code from Informix 4GL to Genero, converting Informix to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Unix to Microsoft Windows. The Unix based scales and printing scripts were also converted to Windows.

About Debswana

The Debswana Diamond Company (Pty) Ltd. is owned in equal shares by the government of the Republic of Botswana and De Beers Centenary AG. Debswana is the world's leading diamond producer by value and has played a significant role in the transformation of the Botswana economy.

It is the largest non-government employer and the largest earner of foreign exchange in Botswana. Debswana's mining operations have been largely responsible for transforming Botswana from an agricultural based economy in the 1960s to a country that has consistently displayed one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. In keeping in line as the leading corporate company in Botswana, Debswana has invested in having the best software and systems in order to keep the company ahead of the competition.

Learn more about the largest Diamond mine here at

iAdapt announces major human resource upgrade

iAdapt are pleased to announce the general release of iAdapt's Enterprise Software version 5.2, effective 1st September 2007. All 23 Integrated modules in the suite will be upgraded to ensure the long term sustainability of the products. This upgrade includes the Genero Desktop Client (GDC) being upgraded to v2.

Performance Management Module

This module will be able to run stand alone or seamlessly integrated to Recruitment, Training, Personnel, Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service modules. The module conforms to all the SAQA unit standards, outcomes and criteria. These standards can be imported into the module from SAQA taking into account those standards that have been manually captured by the user and that are in use by the module at the time of import.
The module will be used to capture the Job descriptions against the Job Records per department or generically for the Job. They will then be attached to an employee. The user will also be able to add additional descriptions to suite each individual. This will facilitate a more practical option when there is more than one employee performing a Job. When generating a Job Description for an employee, the system will generate from the generic Job descriptions as well as the departmental ones.
The module will also cater for performance reviews, training requirements and ratings. It makes provision for information such as USID (SAQA Unit Standard Identity) numbers, US Titles (Unit Standard Job Titles). The existing National Qualification Framework, NQF, level results will also be incorporated.

About iAdapt

iAdapt develops, markets and supports its own ERP clusters such as, HRM, CRM and FMS software solutions, deployment and integration technology that enables enterprises to accelerate the process of building and deploying applications that can be rapidly customized and integrated with existing systems. iAdapt.s technology, ERP applications and professional services are available through a global network of distributors and solutions partners in approximately 10 countries.

For more detailed information on this new set of Business Applications please email us at

Released by: iAdapt Marketing Department

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